Frequently Asked Questions


What is the company Process House?

A financial and strategic consulting company, training managers of economic institutions to increase sales and control costs on the one hand, and on the other hand, develop a clear strategic future plan that ensures the survival and growth of activity in a rapidly changing and volatile world.

What are your most important services?

First: Providing consultations to managers of economic institutions in the following areas:
  • 1 - How to deal intelligently with the market fluctuations that occurred after Covid 19
  • 2 - How to increase sales and activate sellers
  • 3 - Ways to reduce costs to maintain profit margin
  • 4 - How to set clear goals and accurate performance indicators for all managers, and management by results instead of managing by urgency
  • 5- How to reconcile business interests and social relations in family businesses
Second: Training company executives and project managers in the following areas:
  • 1- Team management skills, effective communication, decision making techniques and problem solving
  • 2 - Tools of strategic thinking and crisis management
  • 3- Professional Negotiation and Effective Selling Techniques
  • 4 - Methods of managing and reducing costs
  • 5 - Fundamentals of Business Administration

What distinguishes you from other advisory and training institutions from other advisory and training institutions?

We accompany our valued customers after consultations and after training for the field embodiment of the acquired skills and achieving the desired results

Do you have products or services other than the educational platform?

Yes, this is exactly the point of our distinction.

Are you ready to go to our company headquarters to carry out a field diagnosis and understand the specifics of our business?

We are so glad. The field visit enables us to understand the conditions of the company, which helps us to propose appropriate solutions.

How can I join the Process House team of experts?

an If you have field experience in our areas of specialization and the following font languages, our offices send us an email acronym and we will contact you.

What is your working language?

Our main working language is Arabic and English, but we are ready to work in French and Turkish according to the language.

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